Why I support Small Business Saturday

Gingham Cloud came about as  I read an internet meme which said “if you don’t start work for your dreams, someone else will hire you to work for theirs.”  I have run a couple of social media supper clubs in the past two weeks – with some hyperlocal clients. These are all clever and talented people who run small businesses with a personal touch. They don’t want to run a franchise business or grow to be a conglomerate (much like the Parable of the Mexican Fisherman).

There is a hidden side to this statistic which also needs to be considered and I know from the amazingly talented, dynamic and successful Janet Murray that there are many people out there with shiny websites who aren’t making any money at all. But I know how amazing it feels to have the freedom and flexibility to work around your family and do something for yourself.  I would like to say that I ONLY shop local and buy from tiny artisan suppliers of everything but with four children and a very busy life, I rely on Ocado and Amazon as much as the next girl. But I do follow and share other people’s content and you can too.

I have some big plans for 2019 which include social groups of networking and support and I know from personal experience that spending time working ON your business not just IN it makes a huge difference in terms of accountability, productivity and crucially, the bottom line.

The waiting list opens today. 

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