The Archers and #SocialMediaMarketing Part 2

So the Archers theme continues.

It turns out that Emma’s going to make a website for the Grundy Turkey business. She hasn’t done it before but she says she can research it online.
There are many different companies who will provide a “site in a box” ready to go but it’s the conent that will set you apart from your competition – and that’s where digital content specialists like Gingham Cloud can help.
“We can take some photos of you and Clarrie, make it more personal,” she says. “even take some of the kids feeding the turkeys.
She’s right, of course – a real story behind a brand and being authentic are key points to marketing successfully. Here are 4 other must haves to make sure your website is earning its keep.

1 A memorable URL – when naming your business be sure that you can purchase an easy to remember domain name.
Geographical names help with SEO for local people you may want totarget – Grundy’s Borsetshire Turkeys would be my recommendation for Eddie’s wares – though he should ensure to mention in his FAQs (see point 4) how far his delivery area reaches for those outside the county.

2 Make sure you’ve got a call to action. Eddie could do with an online shop and the opportunity to pay via PayPal. He could also have a newsletter so that his customers can see the turkeys fattening up so an invitation to subscribe to the Christmas countdown would be a good idea to get people excited about their birds as December approaches. Crucially it will provide him with a database of potential customers for next year. An online shop is notdifficult to set up, if you’re offering actual products.

3 Contact details – if like Eddie, you’re out and about, provide an email address (and make sure it’s checked often) and a phone number. You can forward office numbers to a mobile number if needed.
It’s important that someone looking to do business with you can easily get in touch.

4 FAQs – a list of questions hat your potential customer might have. Even if you’re not happy to be completely transparent about pricing – it can of course depend now what you’re offering, giving a ballpark figure of what a potential client might expect to pay is a good idea. Think of all the queries that you’ve come across and pre-empt them. Your goal is to try and remove any obstacles for a website visitor to become a paying customer.


5 Website Essentials-3

The Archers and #SocialMediaMarketing

There are many things that make me happy but the chance to blog on my guilty pleasure, Radio 4’s The Archers is certainly putting a smile on my face today.

Eddie Grundy, wheeler dealer extraordinaire has got opposition in his Yuletime poultry business.
The Grundys have kept and sold turkeys for as long as anyone in Ambridge can remember but now recent returners to the village,  Rex and Toby Fairbrother are raising free range geese with an eye on lucrative Christmas sales too.
In the face of this competition, Eddie thinks perhaps last year’s leaflets are looking a bit tired, and he should come into the twenty first century on “twitter gram”.
He’s right, of course and even if you don’t know an iPhone from a ferret, it’s easy to get online.
Though based in Hertfordshire and not Borsetshire, Gingham Cloud can help businesses everywhere take advantage of the wealth of business opportunities afforded by social media today.

More pressing on Monday? Check your source.

Working in social media, we’re always looking for a quick content fix – and there are lots of places to easily do this.From a personal perspective, I do love a motivational quote (and if you do too, please follow my board on Pinterest here)
It’s true that some of them can err on the side of cheesiness, although our friends over the pond tend to be oblivious to this.
So this morning I tweeted:
Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work” Thomas Edison #motivationmonday

It turns out though, that Thomas Edison did not say anything about opportunity being disguised in overalls.
Of course not every quote you find on the internet is accurate but it was a timely reminder of previous editors’ warnings to always check your sources.
It’s a great lesson and one I’ll be remembering going forward. Apt that I’ve been taught something on #WorldTeachersDay.

Focus Five: Fast Fixes to prevent procrastination

Wednesday is AntiProcrastination Day

So we’re half way through the working week, and by now you should be in your stride, checking things off the to-do list and making progress with both long and short term goals.
The problem for anyone dealing with social media is that spending all day on Twitter can mean that you’ve spend half the morning watching cat videos or creating your own memes before you even know it.

So how to stay focussed while doing the job at hand:

Focus Five – Fast fixes to prevent procrastination caused by getting sucked into the internet

1 Firstly make your to do list bite sized,. Smaller quicker tasks will enable you to stop and check your feeds between jobs while still getting lots done.

2 An obvious one this, but please, turn notifications off – the pop-up window when you get new tweets or mails. Close What’s App down. Try and focus just on the task at hand.

3 This is one I need to work on as I am guilty of far too many windows open at once but train yourself not to open more than one tab at a time.
Decide what you’re going to do with that link you’re clicking as you do it – is it something you need to file elsewhere? Data you need to collate?
Otherwise you and your objectives get lost pretty quickly.

4 Use your reading list facility – often you can check out longer items when you’re off line.

5 In the same vein, have a steal reel – a list of great articles/features that you think you may be able to borrow from to create content for your own site.

Ten Quick Prompts to Beat Blogger’s Block for SMEs

Just finishing a proposal for a potential client, and here at Gingham Cloud, we’ve been talking about how vital it is to blog.
So my Tuesday Top Ten this week are a few prompts to help inspire your own business blog.

1 Look around you – what’s happening outside? Does the weather affect your business? If your sales are driven by the seasons, take this into account and get some inspiration from that. Suggestions include five reasons to buy your winter shoes now or “Coming soon – Hallowe’en special offers – here’s what we’re planning”
2 Check your newsfeed – what’s making you smile? Positive or funny stories are more likely to be shared online.
3 Think about your FAQs and build upon them – – a list of not-so-frequently asked questions you’ve been asked
4 Celebrity links always works – find a way to link a celebrity to your product. They say all news is local news -The illustration show how the Birmingham Mail linked the story about Pope Benedict’s departure from the Vatican for its readers.
5 Showcase your customers – use some recent praise for your company to spin to your readers.
6 Showcase your staff – write a blog post introducing the people behind the scenes
7 Create a series of posts – or you could provide further detail into the technicalities behind the services or products you’re offering.
8 Statistics – use some of the data that you have to expand on your offerings to make a story. E.g. this is by far and away our best selling widget and we can understand why – it’s timeless, good value and never fails.
Over 65% of our customers enjoy both hair and beauty services at our salon – if you’re not one of them, here’s why you should be
9 Industry events conferences and roadshows – you may not be able to attend them all but if you are going then be sure to blog about it!
10 Charitable ventures – perhaps you’re doing pro-bono work or someone on staff is fundraising for a marathon. Writing about it is a win-win-win. Not only do you raise awareness for the charity but you’re also channeling feel good factor to your reader and your brand.

Tuesday Top Ten – #Insta

Instagram is fast becoming THE place to be for small business owners
Posts with eleven or more hashtags receive 79.5% more engagement according to Post planner.
We’re sure you’re pretty good at coming up with hashtags of your own but here’s a quick top ten most popular hashtags – how can you use these to help your business today?


Thought for Tuesday

tumblr_na068gQQJr1tubinno1_1280Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. — Theodore Roosevelt