We love community –

Communities change lives. Genuinely.

I have made many a friend online, back before it was even socially acceptable. But there are now so many amazing places where people can congregate online which leads to offline interaction. This is what makes social media so magnificent.

I’ve been preparing for the Academic Archers conference, which takes place in April in Sheffield (tickets available here).I’ll be speaking on the importance of honesty in crisis communication. I wanted to raise my virtual glass to the places I seem to spend a fair amount of time. Places I have found incredible, supportive and funny people, so it’s only right I start with them: Nicola and Cara et al have started a great movement first on Twitter and also a buzzing Facebook group.  

Steve Folland’s Being Freelance Facebook group is a fun group for those of us all doing a variety of freelance jobs. He also hosts a brilliantly interesting podcast which you can find here.

Doing it for the kids – an awesome Facebook community for parents working flexibly around their offspring.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the behemoth and something I’m super proud of working on for a very long time. Do check out the most active convos on Mumsnet

Which communities fire you up? Let me know.

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