3 fail safe strategies to make the most of a big event like the #Oscars without making a #pwcfail

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So the truth has come out – it turns out that Bryan Cullinan, PwC partner in charge of envelopes at the Oscars (R) was responsible for the mix up over Best Picture and it was he who managed to hand over the wrong envelope to Hollywood legends Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty.

Cullinan had spoken to HuffPost on the mechanics of the evening, and there was a BBC piece focusing on how he and fellow PwC partner Martha Ruiz memorise the winners, and enjoy their red carpet moment.

Throughout the run up to the event  evening, he had tweeted including with throwback photos of last year’s photobombs on the red carpet using the PwC hashtag.

And just moments before Beatty hesitated, re-checked the envelope and then rather unchivalrously allowed Dunaway to spill the wrong beans, Cullinan tweeted an exclusive backstage shot of Emma Stone with her statuette….

BUT perhaps this is the problem – perhaps the multitasking and pressure to get as much out of the event in terms of social media output was his downfall.

So I’m sharing my three super easy strategies to making the most of a BIG trending event without landing yourself in hot water

1 Think ahead of time about what you want to achieve – do you really want or need your own trending hashtag?  In PwC’s case they are seen as a boring accountancy firm and this was their chance to shine and glitter and showcase that they do other things outside of audit. BUT with the best will of the world, nobody (outside of other employees at the firm) was using the #pwc hashtag on Oscar night. (until it all went wrong)

2 Of course use your phone for pics and videos – of course but remember, you can showcase exclusive behind the scenes stuff AFTER the event and still take advantage of trending hashtags – be sure to plan to leave time to pull together a best bits blogpost at the end of an event.

3 Finally, make sure that you focus on the task at hand. Of course, it’s helpful to document what you’re doing but the key component is be present for the people around you. This way you can give all your attention to the real reason you’re at the event.

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