Act fast to opt out of data sharing between Facebook and WhatsApp

whatsappUsers of the messaging giant WhatsApp have been irked by the news that not only are there ads on the way but also that parent company Facebook will be receiving info from your Whatsapp feed to help target your ads and “improve your experience.”

Now, do rest assured, this does not mean that your Whatsapp activity will be posted on your wall anywhere by Facebook or anyway. But the data will be used to send info between the companies to create an advertising profile for you. And these messages are often some of our most intimate.

So if you want to opt out of this there are two things you can do and both take approx 10 seconds.


When you next log in to WhatsApp you’ll probably see new terms pop up.

(as an aside may I say how much I love the graphic)

When they do – click on READ our Terms

and you can use the button to switch off sharing.










But oh no! What if you HAVE ALREADY ticked the new terms (or you aren’t sure if you have). We’re all guilty of all just ticking those boxes. In fact 2012 research cited here on Time.Com   suggests it would take SEVENTY SIX DAY to read all the T&Cs we are supposedto read. Seventy six days, people!
Anyway the good news is, you can still opt out over the next 30 days by the 26 September 20IMG_324816

Go to Settings

Go to Account

Go to Sharing

Unslide the Share My Account Info button



And you’re done.

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