Custards, Culverts and Cake

I spoke at the University of Lincoln in February 2017 at the Second Academic Archers Conference. I probably ought to have posted a roundup of what we learned while there – it was the most fascinating weekend – like a spa break for one’s brain.  I do understand though that 4.7 million people a week listen to the world’s longest running soap opera, it remains rather a niche topic. I thought I’d stick to the social media side of it. I did discover a few surprising statistics which I released in advance here

One of the amazing things the conference organisers have done is pull together a book of the proceedings, which  is being released in October but don’t worry,  you can pre order. I have spent the weekend checking the proofs, all very exciting stuff to see my chapter laid out ready.

Click on the lovely cover to buy.

Do have a think if you know any potential Archers Addicts in your life – the book would make a perfect present.

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