Gingham Cloud 9: Social media tricks for Hallowe’en

It’s Hallowe’en so we’re treating you to nine quick “tricks” to help up your social media game.
Biographies – we’re all guilty of this. Branding strategist Phil Pallen says this is the one  thing that can make or break whether someone follows you. Do ensure your Twitter/Insta/Facebook bios are really the best they can be (and update that linkinbio on your Insta already!)

Stronger Together 
facebookgroupIf you’ve not got a Facebook group going on yet, you need to – with the organic reach of business pages continuing its decline, the advantages of groups are showing real returns, especially as members can opt in to receive notifications of activities.

Images. Again.

We say this time and time again – a picture paints a thousand words but more importantly improves your engagement. By adding images to your social media you can increase engagement by 120%. On LinkedIn, links with Videos typically result in a 75 percent higher rate share and links with images result in a 98 percent higher comment rate.
Gifs –  wooo okay! It’s true – Gifs are always fun and good for a quick RT on Twitter.

Ask, nicely and it works.
Use the right words to improve engagement: Buddy Media found that action keywords like “post,” “comment,” “take,” “submit,” “like” or “tell us” are the most effective.

Timing is all
All the analysis points to Facebook traffic peaking between the hours of 1pm and 3pm.

Little and often.  Make fan/follower management as much a part of your daily routine as posting content — this is a good way to build your brand.

Words and Pictures


If in doubt, try an infographic – this extract from a brilliant but HUGE one from MyCleverAgency illustrates the perfect post on most networks.

And finally, please don’t forget the call to action – if you’ve enjoyed these tricks why not get in touch to see how else we can help?


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