Where to start with social media marketing

This is a question I get asked a lot by my clients: ” I know I need to be doing more with my social media but I don’t know where to start.”

Well, first of all look at what resource you have. ¬†Small business owners are often wearing many hats and don’t have the time or expertise to spend hours creating social media content. This is where an experienced company like Gingham Cloud can step in – providing bespoke training to help you on your way or managing the whole process for you.

Gingham Cloud 9 plain talking tips to get you started

  1. Many people are afraid to dive into social media. Kick perfectionism to the kerb and just do it already. Start small and keep going.
  2. On which note, commit to posting regularly and actually do it. Set a reminder on your phone or look into a scheduler.
  3. Don’t spread yourself too thin. It’s so much better to be doing brilliantly and consistently on one network than a flash in the pan on many.
  4. Go where your customer is. No point in killing it on Snapchat if your ideal consumer is a 40 year old yummy mummy as she’s much more likely on Instagram or Facebook.
  5. Forget what you know about traditional marketing – where social media really adds value is that it allows you to listen to your customers – not just broadcast to them.
  6. Analytics help you measure your return on investment. But if you’re a one-man band this doesn’t need to be a big complicated metrics based spreadsheet. A notepad with numbers of followers week on week is a good place to start.
  7. Don’t forget the call to action – make sure you end every blog, post, photo or pin making sure your customer can get back to you.
  8. But don’t forget that it’s unlikely that you’d walk up to someone in the street and demand that they buy something from you, so don’t do it on social media.
  9. Don’t worry too much about creating huge amounts of content yourself to start off with (though there is obviously huge value in being an expert and bringing people to your page). Instead, remember that you can share the content of others and still be informative, entertaining and fun.

Does this sound like an actionable plan? Gingham Cloud are launching evening workshops in Herts this October – get in touch to book.









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