Getting things done

A problem that many entrepreneurs have is merely getting things done.

Focus is often a problem as there are so many ideas bubbling and fizzing away in their heads that they run out of “RAM” – I am sure the reason I sometimes can’t remember where my keys are is because my head has too many song lyrics locked in.


Pixar’s Oscar winning movie Inside Out explores in a touching way how memories work with the idea that our brains house some kind of deep storage.

David Allen’s productivity book “Getting Things Done” is my bible for getting all those ideas or “open loops” out of your head so that you can concentrate.


If you have two minutes and twenty two seconds to spare, watch this video which explains it really neatly.

One key point he makes is ensuring that your to-do list is filled with the right tasks.
For example, if your project is to clear out and redecorate your spare room but your friend has left some of their stuff in it from the last time he came to stay, the next action on your list isn’t “research colour schemes on Pinterest” but actually “call friend to pick up their stuff”

Many find that once they’ve stopped vaguely thinking about “whether we should go skiing next year?” or “how can we win that customer?” or worrying that they will forget to call the client at the right time that their brain can work in more creative ways elsewhere.

Having relevant next actions for managing your communications output is another good way of clearing relevant headspace to ensure that you’re focused on what you want to say and when is the right time to say it.

David Allen also quite rightly says “You can do anything but you can’t do everything” – and in terms of social media, he’s certainly right. Pick your platform and perfect your participation.

How do you prevent overwhelm? Let us know.

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