Quick start tips for newbies on Instagram

So the fab hipster app that makes life look fabulous at any hour of the day or night, continues to be the fastest growing social network in the Western world. In fact, today’s news that Lux, the name of one of its most popular filter, is also one of the most popular baby names in the USA , shows just how wide its reach is.

We were inspired to pull together this infographic by a recent meeting. The individual in question has a likeable,¬†successful personal brand and is doing brilliant things with newsletters and on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter but has been reluctant to get stuck into Instagram, even though the individuality it conveys would work well for the business. You don’t need to post every day, but it’s a great platform for providing insight into your working day, sharing quotes and showcasing products.

Quick Start Guide

So if you’re not on it, why not?

Download the app onto your smartphone

Snap a pic from within it OR choose one from your gallery. Remember Instagram prefers square images, though you can now change to landscape or portrait.

Add a filter if you’d like. Some will change pictures to look like Polaroid photos of old or lovely sepia Bagpuss like images. Try really hard not to get too bogged down with filters and frames. ¬†(For what it’s worth, we like Reyes. A lot.)

Add a comment/caption with the picture and choose a hashtag,

You can quickly gain followers as the app suggests your own contacts and others to follow. Plus the link in your biography can help bring followers back to your business.

This info graphic shares some quick tips to get you started. Did we miss any? Let us know.
Intro to Insta-2

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