Six steps to avoid being on the back foot online

The cobbler’s children have no shoes. This is a common complaint for SMEs – that you’re so busy working for your clients that you’re not taking care of your own. This can take two forms – either that you’re hustling so hard that you’re burning the candle at both ends and then end up with health issues, or that you are so engrossed with the work for this month that you’ve not lined up any for next – creating a common feast and famine cycle. A recent Forbes article claims that even Coca-Cola spent 18.3% of revenue in 2018 on marketing and advertising –  a spend  of $5.8 billion. This equates to nearly one day a week spent marketing. 

Are you doing this? Last week I attended an event run by content guru Janet Murray ( where the speakers between them had an online reach of over 6million followers. Over many presentations, different platforms were covered in huge detail, from SEO and getting found on Google to whether there is any point to Twitter (jury’s still out!).

So I’m sharing six key takeaways from my trip for business owners who have an interest in growing their client base which will ensure that their marketing and communication efforts will work.

Be constant: Posting regularly is vital. Tumbleweed blowing around a social media presence does not inspire confidence to a visitor at all. It’s the online equivalent of newspaper taped across a shop window. If you’re not comfortable using a specific network, then just delete your profile and don’t use it, but pay decent attention to the ones you do like. 

Be on video:  YouTube algorithms reward those who are posting regularly. Many of my clients and even I myself are intimidated by video. But I’ve been so inspired by this event, I’ll be opening my own channel this very week. Its potential to help you get found online is huge and it’s easier than ever to make a watchable video.

Be realistic: Everyone starts with 0 followers. Don’t get caught up on how many (or few) likes and followers you have, instead , engagement – people talking back to you, is actually of more importance. 

Be organised: Posting regularly online does take time and planning but if you are creating content that is valuable then the right people will find you, but be mindful that it takes many “touch points” before you make sale.

Be artistic:  Images matter – don’t just snap any old thing – try and think about photo composition. This doesn’t need to be photoshopped to death, you’re not a Kardashian.  But do ensure that what you’re posting reflects you and your business.

Be true to yourself: Remember that your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room – make sure you’re polite and helpful and the clients will find you. 

Which of these steps can you take to make sure you’re building your business for the future? 

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