Thoughts on Blue Monday 

The ingenious invention of a PR team trying to sell holidays back in 2005, the apparent formula for Blue Monday links to the number of days since pay day, the likelihood of falling off the wagon of any New Year’s Resolutions and the dreary weather plus the supposedly most depressing day of the week. 

And, lo, it has become a fixture in the editorial calendar. 

So, should you pay any attention to fixed days like this?  PR guru Janet Murray is wise in her advice to beware awareness days as when seeking a hook for journalists, it’s often not enough. 

But for a marketing plan or as an opportunity to jump on a trending hashtag, it’s folly to ignore what people will be discussing anyway. 

As long as you ensure your content educates and entertains and is consistent, then you’ll be on to a winner. 

As for being the most depressing day of the year? I say get up; get coffee; get on with it.

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