The Archers and #SocialMediaMarketing Part 2

So the Archers theme continues.

It turns out that Emma’s going to make a website for the Grundy Turkey business. She hasn’t done it before but she says she can research it online.
There are many different companies who will provide a “site in a box” ready to go but it’s the conent that will set you apart from your competition – and that’s where digital content specialists like Gingham Cloud can help.
“We can take some photos of you and Clarrie, make it more personal,” she says. “even take some of the kids feeding the turkeys.
She’s right, of course – a real story behind a brand and being authentic are key points to marketing successfully. Here are 4 other must haves to make sure your website is earning its keep.

1 A memorable URL – when naming your business be sure that you can purchase an easy to remember domain name.
Geographical names help with SEO for local people you may want totarget – Grundy’s Borsetshire Turkeys would be my recommendation for Eddie’s wares – though he should ensure to mention in his FAQs (see point 4) how far his delivery area reaches for those outside the county.

2 Make sure you’ve got a call to action. Eddie could do with an online shop and the opportunity to pay via PayPal. He could also have a newsletter so that his customers can see the turkeys fattening up so an invitation to subscribe to the Christmas countdown would be a good idea to get people excited about their birds as December approaches. Crucially it will provide him with a database of potential customers for next year. An online shop is notdifficult to set up, if you’re offering actual products.

3 Contact details – if like Eddie, you’re out and about, provide an email address (and make sure it’s checked often) and a phone number. You can forward office numbers to a mobile number if needed.
It’s important that someone looking to do business with you can easily get in touch.

4 FAQs – a list of questions hat your potential customer might have. Even if you’re not happy to be completely transparent about pricing – it can of course depend now what you’re offering, giving a ballpark figure of what a potential client might expect to pay is a good idea. Think of all the queries that you’ve come across and pre-empt them. Your goal is to try and remove any obstacles for a website visitor to become a paying customer.


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